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UFO: Aftershock

2054 year. 50 years after the Earth’s surface became uninhabitable. Retreating to their refuge in Laputa, the remnants of humanity cling to their existence. Their rebellion is becoming more and more strong.

Cobra Throw

The game is equipped with an exclusive plot, based on the film of the same name by the Paramount Pictures film company, which allows players to experience all the interesting moments from the film. The player has to go through 16 levels, 4 of which are closed. Each character in the game has unique abilities and weapons. The game also adds an adrenaline-intensive mode that allows two players to easily group together in the classic struggle between good and evil to win!

Treasure Grab

Treasure Grab - an exciting game in which your goal is theft and hacking. You play as a young thief named Aliya who will explore the mansions, break locks, outwit the guards and, most importantly, take everything out of there, it doesn't matter what. Jewelry, paintings, statues, chairs, dishes and even cakes - everything will fit into your bag. And if you get stuck, call the Spirits of Deception to disguise yourself, slow down time or even become invisible and slip away from the guard. The night belongs to you - fill it with adventures!

Crash Bandicoot: Mutant Island

In his lifetime, Crash and the joker Crash have seen so much that enough for a dozen people, not to mention bandicoots. He fought the most terrible villains, saved the world, restored justice and fought against the insidious invaders. But there is something in the universe that will surprise even such a hero. The bandicoot neighbors and sworn enemies of the mutants seemed to have gone crazy, lost all interest in life and follow someone’s evil instructions.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The Ministry of Magic suffers defeat after defeat in battles with Voldemort. Even Muggles suffer from a second war — disasters occur every day, the causes of which are unknown to anyone. But in war, life goes on. Harry, Ron and Hermione, like all sixteen-year-olds, study, go to parties and fall in love. However, the danger is getting closer. Despite Dumbledore’s best efforts to protect the school, very strange things happen at Hogwarts.

Mission Darwin

A new game from Disney based on the animated film of the same name. Now you have the opportunity to find out how it feels to be a real war guinea pig. Commander Darwin again leads the valiant squad to attack to save the world from yet another villainy.

Cops L.A Police

In the game Cops L.A. Police we have to play for one brave cop to investigate the numerous crimes committed by bandits in the very center of Los Angeles. Participate in special hostage rescue operations, quietly penetrate buildings, seal crime scenes, fight local crime bosses, and try yourself as a racer to get stolen vehicles back.

Cute Gem Babes

Destroying precious stones is a very entertaining action if the reward for the completed stage is a manga-style picture. Despite the simple design and frivolous plot, collecting jewelry will not be so simple. You have to smash your head well to achieve the goal.


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